How Many Times Can I Fail in YLL SoM?

J. was rummaging through his stuff, packing things into nice little cardboard boxes to move to his new place. He chanced upon a set of paper that he received on admission (over 4 years have passed… that’s pretty quick).

Anyway, given that some people have been retaining multiple times, J. thought he’d read through it with regards as to how long one has to pass the exams. In the YLL SoM, one gets two second chances per examination. After a borderline grade in the main paper, one goes for a viva voce (like an interview) and if he fails that, goes on to the supplementary paper.

Note that for guys who have disrupted NS, the maximum number of years they’re allowed to complete medical school is 8 years (confirmation required).

Faculty of Medicine Undergraduate Course

[selective quotation ahead]

The Human Biology Block must be completed within two years of admission. In the first year, a student who fails in not more than one subject in the supplementary examination may, at the discretion of the Faculty of Medicine after considering the recommendation of hte Board of Examiners concerned, be permitted to take the examination again once only at the next period of the examination.

This means, in M1, you can fail one subject in the 1st Pros, fail its viva voce, fail its supplementary examination and then again fail 1st Pros, fail viva voce ans pass the supplementary examination and still go on to M2. If you fail >1 supp paper, you’re gone. And you get to retain in M1 once.

The clinical course must be completed within six years of admission to the second year, and each examination within the course (except for the Final Professional Examination) must be completed within eighteen months of first taking the examination.

This means, once again, you get 2 failures (supplementary papers) to spare from M2 to M5 (excluding final MB). Example: after passing M1 in one or two tries – M2, M3, M3, M4, M4, M5 OR M2, M2, M3, M3, M4, M5 OR M2, M2, M3, M4, M4, M5.

However, you can’t repeat M3 two times, as you only have 18 months within first taking the examination (essentially 12 months, since there aren’t any examinations in the middle of the academic year). So 2 tries per year.

Hope that clears up some doubts. There’s been speculation going on about whether some folks are going to be forced to drop out of medical school. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.


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