Medsoc Exam Packs

In a day filled with not-so-good news and alright news, it was a pleasure to end with a spot of good news: the Medical Society Exam Packs (a.k.a. the morale-boosters), distributed in bags sponsored by SingTel (“Win FREE Unlimited SMS. a SingTel Mobile Student Plan lets u text till da cows come home”).

So what’s inside? A mix of the useful and the… not-so-useful, naturally.

  1. Small packet of prawn crackers
  2. Tastes like cardboard. Ew.

  3. Two blue SingTel stress balls
  4. Excellent for bouncing against the wall, throwing at friends/friends’ waterbottles, juggling and squeezing. “r ur fingers getting enuff exercise? FREE Unlimited SMS with SingTel Mobile Student Plan.”

  5. Two ProjectNetwork yellow highlighters and pens
  6. These have integrated page tags in their shafts. Nifty! As a point of interest, Project Network is a project by the Social Development Unit (SDU) (Website: LoveByte) to develop social skills among students and “promote gender-balanced interaction opportunities on campus”. Namely, to allow folks on campus to meet, date and hopefully marry. It’s a worthwhile goal… especially when they give such useful studying tools.

  7. Six Shuffle Your Stress Away cards
  8. Giving stress management techniques like “Deep Breathing” or “Manage Your Time”. Technically useful, but J.’s batch has gone through 4 years of medical school, so studying’s not really that bad… hopefully.

  9. 3 SingTel white note pads
  10. J. usually puts one next to the telephone for easy noting down of information. So these are pretty good. Thanks, SingTel!

  11. 2 Youth Advolution for Health pink note pads
  12. You can never have too many notepads! This is an initiative by the Health Promotion Board (HPB). The program is for youths to be involved in health promotion. What does “advolution” mean? The website says that it’s combination of “Advocate” and “Revolution”… not “Convolution”.

  13. WAY OUT OF Excessive Anxiety pamphlet & STAY COOL! BEAT STRESS! booklet by the HPB
  14. Thanks.

  15. 7mls of UNO medicated after shave lotion
  16. Do the ladies use this? Do most of the guys use this? Hmm. If not, the ones that do might get up to 21ml of it. J. hasn’t tried it yet, though, so he can’t comment.

Well, that’s that. Some pretty good stuff in this exam pack, so thank you, NUS Medical Society (or Club).


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