Possible CG Rift

Final MBBS Examination is drawing near, and it seems that stress and competition bring out the worst in man (and women, for those who value political correctness over liguistic ease).

So it is that roughly hewn clinical groups thrown together from small semi-permanent subgroups of 1-3 members have failed to a certain degree; possibly more so than the groupings of 8 that used to exist.

It is with some disappointment that J. sees a possible rift within his own CG.

Recently, there was an afternoon Psychiatry tutorial for 2 CGs. Only 3 of 8 members (J. included) from one CG showed up (as compared to 6 of 8 for the other), the 2 members from J.’s CG having clerked the patient for the tutorial.

Apparently, one of the 3 had been messaged by the missing members of the CG who had said that they would not be going to NUH at all, hence the missing of the afternoon tutorial.

After the tutorial, a makeshift group of 5 (3 from the first CG, 2 from the second, both seemingly estranged from the rest of their groups) wandered the wards from the surgical ward (43) to the paediatric wards (45-48).

One and a half hours later, they were greeted by the sight of the missing CG members in ward 48 who were having a paediatrics tutorial. What in the blue…? Whatever happened to having tutorials as a group?

It saddens J. that it appears the other members of the CG have decided to “look out for number one”.

Who knows? Maybe it’s a misunderstanding. Maybe they changed their minds about coming (all of them at the same time) instead of lying. Maybe they met the tutor in the ward who gave a spontaneous (not pre-arranged) tutorial. Maybe they just forgot/neglected to tell the other 3 members of their CG.

Nonetheless, let bygones be bygones. We move ahead from here, not backwards.


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