Posting: Geriatrics

J. gets awesome postings. The most recent one was Geriatrics at AH, a place generally considered by many to be essentially a geriatric hospital (though exceptions exist). With the final MBBS examinations looming, platitudes of how medical students “are not studying to pass the examinations. The aim is to learn to become good doctors.” start to ring hollow.

So it was that J. approached this posting with skepticism and trepidation, his mind racing frantically to find ways to avoid having to show up.

It was a good thing he failed to find any.

The tutors were only too willing to teach during the ward rounds, and J. learnt quite a fair bit about both geriatrics as well as general medicine from the geriatricians there. Given that the Geriatrics department at AH treats all medical patients above 75 years old, the variety of cases is very wide, and the geriatricians there never fail to amaze J. with their sheer quantity of knowledge about a wide spectrum of diseases.

While previously J. would describe geriatrics as a “pain in the bottom”, this posting has opened his eyes and he now describes it more accurately as “medicine as it should be practised“.


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