HO pay ain’t too bad

The grass is always greener on the other side, people are never satisfied, yadda yadda, which explains why you’ll notice that J. seems to be perpetually complaining that doctors are underpaid (well, actually he doesn’t always complain. he’s generally pretty okay with things.)

Anyway, at a time when fuel prices have risen, taxi fares gone up, flour prices up, property prices up, COE prices down (yay! except for the petrol bit), it is somewhat heartening to learn that the monthly pay of house officers, greenhorns in the doctoring (ahem.) business, has been risen as of 2008 by an undisclosed amount somewhat less than the equivalent of 2 calls a month.

People aren’t going to be satisfied, yes, but it’s a still good time to count our blessings, aye? And get back to mugging for the MBBS.


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