The Worst Movie Ever: Epic Movie

Epic Movie is the sort of show where you go into a cinema at 7.30pm, watch it for 3 hours then look at your watch and it says 7.45pm.

It was one of two DVD movies rented to watch at a recent CG gathering at a friend’s place. By golly, by the end of the show (yes, they showed remarkable patience and optimism in thinking that the laughs would pick up), each of the CG members were left with -30 IQ points on average. Brain cells underwent apoptosis in protest of the sheer stupidity they were exposed to.

The imitation of a plot was pitiful, and sadly, unlike Scary Movie, the gags were largely unfunny. Projectile vomiting? Yawn. Samuel L Jackson repeating himself ad nausem? Irritating.

That’s already 23 times the number of words that should be lavished upon the movie. That’s it. Avoid like the pneumonic plague.


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