Construction, construction, everywhere

Note: noise pollution drives J. into a homicidal rage! aiyeee aiyee aye!

At home on a lazy Saturday afternoon, trying to get some studying done, J. has to do it over the sounds of drilling, sanding, buzzing, clumping as some houses in the neighbourhood are being built/renovated. Perhaps they’ll stop on Sunday, the day of rest? No such luck, the wankers.

No matter, for if noise pollution disturbs studying, maybe J.’ll have more luck at his usual haunt outside the old medical library. Oops! There’s construction going on there too! Darn the luck. Speaking of which… why did they close down the library months ago when nothing’s been done? They could have left it open, given that the medics are going through yet another academic year with the building still present.

Alright, alright, J. decided he’ll just stay behind in the comfortable medical student lounge at Changi General Hospital and study. What’s that sound? -clomp- -drrrzzzzzzzt!- Oh, right… they’re building a new garden or whatnot. It’s bound to interrupt during tutorials at the most inopportune times… usually when the tutor’s saying, “This WILL DEFINITELY COME OUT FOR MBBS!”. Too bad.

Screw it, let’s go shopping. Strolling down Orchard Road for the first time in a year to catch a glimpse of the Christmas lights… wait, what’s that? Yes, Robinson’s is no longer there. Instead, there’s construction. As well as near Orchard MRT, and also… blagh.

When will the Circle Line be done? Is there any end to this?

P.S. J. does not have a pair of noise-canceling earphones. It’s Christmas. Hint. Hint.


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