Request for Medical Textbook Reviews

Recently, J. received an email from the class rep who’d been contacted by the NUS medical society:

the Medsoc has been trying to revamp the Medicus website to make it more informative for all
One of the things they are trying to do is to revamp the book review section and they’re asking if seniors can contribute to that by reviewing recommended texts

J. would like to help, really, he would. And here we are, 84 days from the final MBBS, with all the stressing out, breaking down and crying, etc. that it entails. So there’s the request for book reviews, and here’s the Objective guidelines for the book reviews (there are Subjective guidelines too):

How much is the book?
How many pages is the book?
How much of the book will come out in an exam and how many percent of the book is necessary for which part of the exam(rough guide)? (An example would be 80% of the book is useful, 20% of the book is useless)
Is the book hardcover or softcover?
What is an example of a passage that best demonstrates the style, wordiness and tone of the book?
How many pictures are there? (per chapter, or rough estimate)
Are the colours in picture, a few colours or black and white?

Sounds like too much work, don’t you think? Maybe these are guidelines, you know, strongly recommended but not necessary. Maybe there’s no need to check up on how much the books are, J.’s sure the medsoc folks can make a couple of calls to bookstores like co-op or yunnan to fill in the blanks. Let’s see how it goes, yes?

J. thinks there’s nothing like making things seem tedious to encourage people to help out.


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