Medfac Outing – 2nd Asia Pacific Brewery Trip 2007

Well, how about that? As it turned, out J. was mistaken when he said he thought the August APB Trip would be his last. It turned out it wasn’t, as a bunch of future doctors trooped down in a single coach (as compared to last trip’s two coaches) to APB for yet another night of drunken carousing (a redundant term, like “liver cirrhosis”).

That doesn’t promote a great deal of confidence in our healthcare system, does it? Rest assured, however, that when it comes to hospitals and patients medical students and doctors’s behaviour are beacons of professionalism and have nothing to do with certain doctors/medics’ after-hour activities.

The turnout at this event was evidently much less than the previous one, with only a total of 6 M5s showing up. As for the place itself, the table soccer table, a fixture at the APB pub for the past few years, was conspicuously absent, as was the increase in admission fee of $10 from $7. The rest of the details are similar to that of the previous post.

For this trip, the M5s (and a couple of M4s), fatigued from their various postings, gathered with their beer and snacks at the outdoor (read: smoking are) tables, indulging in their vices and talking about things in general, and just like that, the night (well, if you can consider from 7.30pm to 9.45pm a decent drinking time. Some would say it’s already early to end by 1am) passed. Towards the end of the night, there was a session of intensive grilling of one particular member… who was fortunately saved by the bell when the APB pub closed and everyone had to leave.

Or so he thought… until they picked up the grilling in the coach. Given more time, he would probably had to pantomime his… activities.

After some rest, J., barely having drunk a couple of drinks, drove out to Geylang with a few friends for a supper of frogs’ legs porridge. The spicy, soothing mixture went down well, though not so well for one compatriot who spent a few moments praying to the drain.

It was all in all a pretty good night.


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