NHG Event – The Golden Compass Screening

Last year, J. went to the NHG movie screening of Eragon. This year, J. went to the NHG HQ Clinical Manpower team-presented sneak preview (i.e. movie screening) of The Golden Compass, held once again at Suntec City’s Eng Wah Cinema.

The free popcorn set that came with the tickets last year was conspiciously absent this year. Apparently, the feedback last year was that the popcorn was “not fresh” and as such, they decided to do away with it altogether. Hmm…

Perhaps it was the caffeine-withdrawal headache, but J. was somewhat unimpressed by the movie. The idea of the daemons was interesting, the vehicles looked good, but at the end of the movie, J. was just glad it was over. It wasn’t bad, by any means, but it just wasn’t all that good. Furthermore, there was all this bland icy terrain, part of which was populated by a group of armoured bears.

Armoured bears are good for fight sequences. Smash! Grapple! Go for the throat.

Thought of the night: Why do armoured bears spend so much time roaring instead of crushing their opponents into bonemeal?

Daniel Craig was absent for most of the show, Nicole Kidman had an interesting role of villainess with a softer side, J. really couldn’t get behind Dakota Blue Richards properly, he doesn’t understand where Eva Green’s character comes from, and wishes that Ben Walker’s character had been… intercised.

All in all, it was a passable movie, definitely a few grades higher than last year’s Eragon, but still no Lord of the Rings. It probably wasn’t just the headache, the friend seemed to think so too.

Besides that, it didn’t feel that much like an event. Sure, there were a few people seen here and there. An MO here, a HO there, but otherwise largely indistinguishable from another day at the movies.

But again, just as before, it’s the first movie J. has watched in months. Thank you once again, NHG!


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  1. Posted by plhu on December 9, 2007 at 7:58 am

    Daniel Craig’s absent for most of the movie because his character IS absent from most of the first book, actually. It’s Mrs Coulter who’s around all the time. Have you read the books? They’re really good, but I really wonder how they’re going to translate the other two books for film. The second should be great if it’s done well, but the third’s a bit problematic.


  2. That makes sense… so in a way they’re priming him for his appearance in the second show? Knowing that the first book doesn’t end after the children’s liberation, I was surprised when the show ended without Lord Asriel having been involved again.

    That said, no, I haven’t actually read the books. Thought that it might be better to watch the show before reading the book. You know how purists are, picking on every small detail in the story.

    Like how they keep saying, “The alethiometer, also called the golden compass…”


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