Cupcake + Coffee: Where to Find?

It’s a strange craving to strike at 12 midnight on Sunday evening… true… but it’s a perplexing question.

The various cupcake sellers in Singapore, often operating out of their homes or in small bakeries, tend to sell cupcakes in batches of 6 or 10 which are then delivered to or picked up by the customer. Few cafes sell good cupcakes. This is compounded by the lack of great baristas in Singapore… hmmm.

Here’s my question: Where in Singapore can I sit down on a lazy Saturday afternoon with a cupcake and a beautiful cup of espresso?

Anyone has an answer?



One response to this post.

  1. I came to your site via Google, and I thought I accidentally clicked on my own blogsite instead. WordPress and same theme, blogging about coffee. Uncannily coincidental. For great coffee, you can try Peaberry & Pretzel at Sunset Way.


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