Playhouse 2007: Final Thoughts

The following is a collection of somewhat random thoughts regarding Playhouse 2007. Just to round things off. Let’s say once again… Hurrah to the successful conclusion of Playhouse 2007!

On the Event
It was held at the University Cultural Centre (UCC) this year, a departure from the usual venue of LT13. While it was vastly more expensive for the Medical Society, more so when [a] long play[s] made the entire event longer, it was a unique experience to act in the UCC Theatre with its dressing rooms and large back-stage area. Unlike LT13, there was also a greater variety of places to rehearse. And let’s not forget the water coolers and clean toilets!

Unfortunately, with the UCC came a new set of problems. Despite the event being free, the place (and ushers) demanded tickets for anyone entering. Towards the start of our show (when the M5s came to give their support) there were no more tickets, and we ended up gathering ticket stubs which EkT had to deliver to the waiting supporters. If we wanted to use their projector, we had to pay extra. In the end, we ended up bringing our own projector which was placed at the top row.

That aside, UCC has a great theatre, and it was a good experience.

On People
To my amazement, there were house officers and more who came down to watch Playhouse. Some of these people had participated in last year’s Playhouse, with an amazing play written by Chen Seong that arguably should have won the Best Play award last year (the current M4s, then M3, won). One of the guest judges, Shahrier, is an MO who’s been a major contributor to medsoc and his year’s Playhouse throughout the years and continues to support the event.

The dean came down to support the event, and we’d like to think that he found our play amusing, despite the bits of potentially politically sensitive stuff thrown in every now and then.

After clearing up, we gathered outside for a debrief. JoC, RaR and EkT took turns to speak, congratulating us on a job well done. And it was, actually. Think about it. Our first Playhouse was passable, our second laughable, our third unavailable. Like they said, thanks go out to the props and crew people who did all the saigang such that everyone else could concentrate on what they were supposed to do.

After that, it was off to Holland Village as two separate parties of ten they accidentally met. They ended up congregating at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao as a massive party of twenty. Urp.

Some Niggling Things
Incidentally, the Faculty of Medicine Shield (FMS) is an annual prize given to a medical year. There’s usually a point scoring, and it comprises of both the Intra-Faculty games (IFG) as well as Playhouse (Sports & Arts, so to speak). This year, the FMS went to the M2s… supposedly.

But wait! If the thing comprises of both IFG and Playhouse, why was the FMS given out when the IFGs aren’t even concluded? Every year, the IFGs have concluded before Playhouse, which is why the FMS is traditionally given out with the Playhouse prize-giving ceremony. Hmmm… an M3 in a major post in the medical society is puzzled and somewhat displeased, the M4s are miffed, and while most of the M5s couldn’t give a damn about the FMS, we all think that it’s ridiculous for the FMS to be given out first. Why not give it out at a later date?

Joel, the Sports Secretary from M2, says, “It’s not that I’m biased… but the winners are… M2!” It could be that the M2s winning the play (but pissing off everyone else) had put them so far ahead on points. Then again, was it already planned, to give out the FMS? Curious.

After Playhouse 2007 (with the M2s winning) the M4s ripped out their tape from the stage and went backstage to clear out their considerable number of props. The M1s had left long before the award ceremony, having shown up with a 25min play with no intention of winning any prizes. Some of the M3s, and most of the M5s, were the ones who stayed back to tear the tape from the stage. There was not one single member from M2 who helped clear up.
Yes, their (the M2 playhouse team) play was good (so I’ve heard), even if it was twice the allocated time, but their behaviour is far from impressive.

And that’s it for Playhouse.


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