Playhouse 2007: Short Thoughts The Night Before

Tomorrow, we do what we can and hope for the best!

What’s my motivation?

– To entertain people.

– To work with an amazing bunch of folks (along with not-so-amazing folks).

– To be involved in as many events with my classmates before we go our separate ways.

– To put up a show that we can be proud of, such that we can hold our heads up high even if not everyone appreciates it.

– To do something different from the usual mug, clerk cases, examine patients routine.

To show off my acting skills, or the fact that I’m the lead actress.

To wait until the last night so I can act like a prima donna by throwing a hissy fit the night before because of the M2s causing our play to be pushed back by an hour.

If I were in charge of the M2 play, how would I really, really piss everyone off?

– I would write a play that’s over half an hour longer than stipulated.

– I would feign ignorance about the time limitation despite having taken part in Playhouse the year before.

– I would cause everyone’s schedule to be pushed back for my play.

– I would put the blame for said ignorance solely at the hands of the organisers for not having reminded me at least 283 times.

– I would demand that my play starts first because the props and stage takes more time to set up than anyone else, even the M4’s who are renowned for their prop-making abilities, thus making sure everyone else waits for me instead of the other way round.

– I would try to hit up the Medical Society to sponsor my props but suggesting that they could use my props for Operation Theatre 2.


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