Post-“SISF 2007 Performance”: Initial Thoughts

It’s finally over.

The Singapore International Salsa Festival 2007 was held on the 19-21 October 2007 at Downtown East.

Though J. was tempted to buy a full pass, he knew from last year that there would be precious little time to attend workshops with the preparation and technical runs required for a performance, so he merely spent $41 to obtain a night pass for Saturday to watch Spanish Harlem Orchestra, the Grammy award winning group.

Dance En Motion performed a unique number in the D’Marquee, with Afrocuban moves mixed with Chinese music and heavy drum beats, with a short section of salsa in between. The aim was for a unique performance, imbued with character and soul instead of just with technical salsa, and the team thought that they accomplished that aim. It was hoped that the performance would provide a breath of fresh air for the audience.

As En Motion performed 8th, there was only time for them to watch the final performance by Richard and Sneha which had some pretty incredible lifts. Afterwards, it was back to the room to change up and hit the D’Tent for the party where Spanish Harlem Orchestra performed, dancing away (in bits) until 3am before heading back to the rooms for way too many prawns.

This year, there were quite a number of foreign stars, such as Junior and Emily, Susana Montero, etc. Pity about not being able to attend the workshops. Maybe next year, when J.’s not involved in any performances…

(and takes leave from the house officer year…)


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