Playhouse 2007 – People

Playhouse 2007 is taking place on the 27 October 2007 (Saturday) at the University Cultural Centre, NUS, starting from 1500hrs and lasting for approximately 5 hours (1hour for each year).

Now, about the people. Firstly, the good.

Our scriptwriter this year is the incredible JoC, the same one who produced the script for Desperate Housemen (M4 script Playhouse 2006).

The difficulty in getting someone willing to be the M5 Playhouse rep has allowed our class leaders to really step up to the plate and demonstrate both their leadership capabilities, organisation skills and their willingness to do saigang (local slang for, erm, tough work). Many thanks go out to EkT and JaC.

Most of the rest have contributed in one form or another. One person whom I got to know better and gain a good deal of respect for was the director, RaR. Despite commitments at home and for his schoolwork, he contributed his considerable experience in drama and theatre to the class.

And now, going on to the bad…

It is disgusting when a 23-year-old medical student intentionally shines a laser pointer into others’ eyes repeatedly, gaining much mirth from the discomfort and potential retinal damage of others. It is even more incredible when the aforementioned laser pointer (cum light cum pen cum stylus) did not belong to said student (LiH), and LiH erroneously claims that EkT (a.k.a. Mr Nice Guy) has given it to her.

To make matters worse, she was doing the disruptive activities in a scene she was in (playing a major role) in a lull in her lines. While other people were trying to improve on the scene, rehearsing/memorising her lines or discussing transportation, props and videos, LiH was actively seeking out people’s eyes with a laser pointer.

One person was pissed by LiH’s inconsiderate and dangerous use of the laser pointer on his eyes and angrily warned LiH. He then resumed memorising his lines.

She offered no apologies.

The second person, a Mr WeS, playing a bit role of a Microbiology professor in the same scene, sitting on LiH’s right, actually borrowed the laser pointer to shine in the same person’s eyes. Maybe he had a reason to believe it was a good idea. Maybe he thought his training in judo and jujitsu gave him a license to act like a prick. Who knows?

It’s unbelievable, when you think about it, that people of such character are likely to become doctors in 5 months time alongside actual deserving folks with fine characters like EkT and JaC.

Just remember, guys, that such people do exist, to mistrust and to be wary of them.

Anyhow, the show must go on! See you guys at Playhouse 2007. Updates to follow after. Cheers


P.S. Names have been changed [somewhat] to protect the [not-so-] innocent.


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  1. Posted by plhu on October 19, 2007 at 4:26 pm

    well, i’ll definitely be going down to watch Playhouse. I only identified half the people you’re talking about. Am rather aghast at LiH’s and WeS’s behaviour, but not surprised that it’s them rather than other individuals.


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