Intra-Faculty Basketball Part 1

This year was an unprecedented year for the Faculty of Medicine Shield: Intra-Faculty Basketball game, for the following reasons:

  1. Record number of participants for the current M5s – Previously numbering around 6 (i.e. one team + one substitute), this year an overwhelming 11 people turned up. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to field more than one team.
  2. No direct finals for M5s – It’s been a tradition to give the M5s, busy preparing for their final MBBS, an advantage by giving them a direct pass to the finals. This year, however, that was scrapped, though it was reinstated at the Medsoc vice-president (an M3)’s request. However, the M5s weren’t notified about this second change, and all showed up at 9am. Rather than wait for the finals, they opted to play with the other teams in the league format.
  3. Postponement of game to later date – It’s never been done before. The rain came down fast and sudden, and lasted for hours. The M4-M5 game was abandoned with one minute left and the M5s leading 12-10.

For the M4-M5 game, 3 things can happen now: the entire match can be replayed (unlikely), to play the game for 1 minute (possible) or for the game to be forfeited by the M4s (also possible, so as to move the games onwards).

We’ll see how things go.


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