HCI Mid-Autumn Festival 2007 – A brief note

The institution formerly known as Hwa Chong Junior College held its annual Mid-Autumn Festival (MAF) celebration on the 15th September 2007. As an alumnus of the school, it’s a reason and an excuse for J. to return to his alma mater and visit the doctors.

Of course, being several years removed from the school, J. didn’t see many of his batchmates, much less classmates, and noted the absence of a couple of teachers who were either furthering their education or out of the country.

Here’s what’s [barely] noteworthy:

– The class benches have been reorganised. J.’s [previous] class bench is now in the middle of nowhere at the wing in a T-shape, and is colonised by both fresh-faced and kiampa-looking juniors

– New buildings, new extensions, in particular the CCA block and a new science lab next to the LTs

– The cruddy gym is undergoing renovation

– The bio teacher is in the US, the chem teacher is furthering studies, the physics teacher is about to go further studies.

– The math teacher is still the same. Exactly the same.

– J.’s old jersey, previously a ‘spare’ for the team, has seemingly disappeared

– Ever since J.’s batch released a CD of HCJC songs which had a mistake in singing, the future batches have failed to realise the mistake, and 5 years down, are still singing it wrongly.

– Nobody ever changes the mass dances

That’s that for MAF 2007.


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