Fourplay – Quadfac Bash

A tradition to hold a bash bringing together the three healthcare faculties – Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy – continues with the addition of a new faculty, the faculty of Nursing. This year’s bash named Fourplay (bringing to J.’s mind the Burn The Floor show Floorplay) was held at the Ministry of Sound (MOS) on the 8 September 2007 (Saturday) from 8.00pm to 10.30pm. Ticket prices were at $17 per ticket, where a normal MOS ticket for guys before 10.30pm on a weekend would cost $15.

The highlight of the event: a dance competition requiring each faculty to send at least one team.

And the winner is…


The faculty with the least supporters and almost no cheering: Medicine

However, let’s not forget the faculty with the most supporters: Pharmacy
And the faculty with the most teams (2): Pharmacy

The faculty most tipped to win (but came in second): Nursing

They came out dressed in these kinky nurse outfits and really went after the dance. It was somewhat of a surprise, especially to the medicine team (and supporters) who didn’t expect the judges’ decision.

Besides that, there really wasn’t much to say about it. MOS is a nice place. Um.


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