Clinical Years – The Toughest Posting is NOT O&G

It is undoubtedly Paediatrics, the branch of medicine concerned with neonates (<1 month), infants (<1 year), children (pre-pubertal) and adolescents (post-pubertal to the age of 18).

There’s a prevalent rumour going around that Obstetrics & Gynaecology is the toughest posting – with its combination of multiple 7.30am Q&A sessions (each of which contribute to the final score), Neonatology lessons and quizzes, an MCQ test, an essay test, an OSSE test and an OSCEs (that counts towards the final MBBS score). Beware! Fear!

Well, it’s unwarranted.

J.’s O&G posting was the final one before the Pathology exam, another examination with a vicious reputation. The idea of such a devastating combination brings to the mind of many an M4 student an [/a particular orthopaedic surgeon’s] analogy involving dilators, reaming and anal laxity. Brutal.

Once again, unwarranted.

O&G, ultimately, is about two aspects (childbirth and otherwise) of one system – the female reproductive tract. Paediatrics is about every system, from cardiovascular to rheumatological to haematological to neurological. O&G is about women of reproductive age and menopause. Paediatrics is about a huge range of patient sizes and problems from the age of 1 day to 18 years. Paediatrics is adult medicine made difficult with a huge assortment of congenital defects that are much less commonly thought about in adult general medicine.

O&G is one of the, if not the best, structured postings about. Paediatrics, while well-structured, is hindered by the sheer breadth of knowledge and clinical experience to be covered within a short 8-week posting. It took J. almost 2 weeks to be comfortable with performing examinations on babies and infants.

Patients in O&G are usually mature, adult patients who are able to cooperate. Paediatrics involving children 3 years and below has been compared to veterinary science – the patients are uncooperative and are unable to communicate/understand.

Yep, Paediatrics is the killer posting. And it’s the field of study that’s occupying the minds of the M5s currently with the Paediatrics slide examination coming up shortly.


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