Quick Review: Coffee Grounds (at YLL School of Medicine)

Coffee Grounds is a café located outside the Clinical Research Centre (CRC), Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. It was built when J. was in second year and was punnily named after blood-ridden vomitus, in the medical field commonly called, “coffee ground” vomitus. Since then, Coffee Grounds has served the YLL SoM faithfully, offering up a variety of easy-to-cook pastas, salads and desserts.

That said, for a place that calls itself Coffee Grounds, its coffee had better be good!

Its coffee sucks.

The place has a Pavoni Cafè V semi-automatic espresso machine. Not sure about the quality of the grinder they’re using.

Before ordering, J. watched the counter staff (he refuses to call these two counter staff baristas) prepare a flavoured latté for two other people. The pre-ground coffee was put into the portafilter and without any patting/leveling/tamping, the portafilter was connected to the espresso machine and the 1-shot button was pressed. The espresso blonded almost immediately.

J. had a sip of his friend’s latte. It was insipid with a wisp of bitterness. Blah.

J.: “Pardon me, ma’am, do you happen to use a tamp? T-A-M-P? You know, to press down the ground coffee?”
CS1: “Um… uh… don’t know. CS2?”
J.: “Do you use a tamp? T-A-M-P? To make a puck before putting it into the espresso machine?”
CS2: “Tamp? No, no, no need. We do direct one. ”
J.: “No tamp? No need to press down the ground coffee in the filter?”
CS2: “Yeah. Our coffee is direct one. No need.”

They’re murdering espresso in this place. J. heartilty recommends NOT drinking the coffee here.

Coffee Grounds
MD11 Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine
National University of Singapore


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