Official Medical Library Farewell

This is NOT the little gathering on the rooftop some M5s had in April.

Before starting, let’s have a totally unrelated quote. Absolutely no link to one keg of golden ale and one of pilsner beer from Brewerkz, passed through a cooling container delivering cold refreshing alcohol drinks in plastic, transparent cups with the name of Brewerkz.

Litany of beer (quoted from Goats):

I must drink beer. beer is the mind-killer beer is the little death that brings total obliteration i will face my beer i will permit it to pass over me and through me and when it has gone past i will turn the inner eye to see its path when the beer has gone there will be nothing. only i will remain.

That was a random quote. Yes, indeed, only non-alcoholic beverages featured prominently in the official farewell party to the old library.

Props go to the people who prepared to place, laying out the food, the [non-alcoholic] beverages, pictures (mostly of second years and fourth years with almost no fifth years) and scattered silver and purple balloons. The library had been empty for some time with all the books, shelves, tables, chairs having been removed (mostly to the Science Library, now known as the Medical + Science Library).

The M5s toasted each other: “To the MBBS!” “To the bossman!” with their decidedly non-alcoholic gassy, yellowish-golden tinged drinks. They reminisced about the long days spent mugging in the library, about how ZiC and ChP popped their heads over the dividing wall. They spoke of plans for Playhouse and the upcoming examinations. They walked around and looked at pictures. They looked at the more junior years and thought of their experiences then, how young they looked, and whether they would have wanted to experience that again.

The high of being gathered together for a relaxing purpose disinhibited some members of the medical faculty, males > females. The M5s engaged in some frivolous childish activities, like FrT pushing TiO around on a library cart, the guys chasing down KiL to put him in the rubbish bin. Two of the guys hid the shoes of two of the girls, leading them to a treasure hunt that lasted 2 hours.

There was a decent amount of photo-taking around. The students explored every nook and cranny of the library, in particular the staff areas they had never had access to. Some people took home souvenirs, like a wooden stationery organiser and multiple glow-in-the-dark Exit signs.

Afterwards, the M5s took off to Haato at Ridgewood Condominium where they indulged in ice cream, waffles and Cranium.

And now, J. would like to say goodbye to the library.

Yes, sometimes you smell a bit musty… at least until the friendly cleaning lady comes. Yes, sometimes the M1s/M2s make too much noise, but then they eventually leave for lessons. Yes, sometimes it gets a bit lonely when all the other friends go home for dinner. Yes, sometimes the librarians righfully stop us from bringing food into the library, but we sneak it in anyway in our bags or massive pockets. It doesn’t matter!

You were a second home to us mugger-toads, one of J.’s triads of Exercise-PGP-Library… And you will never be replaced in my heart… Except by our new mugging place, the Medical + Science Library. Ah well, that’s life, eh? Gotta move on. Cheerio!

Good bye, medical library. Thank you for all the memories.


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