Experiencing the Coffee Culture at Starbucks

Hello. I’m currently typing this entry on the trusty Lenovo T60 from the second floor of Starbucks, Holland Village , connected to the free wireless network. Starbucks, in general, provides wireless networks all over the world (as compared to Peet’s Coffee, for instance). In Singapore, however, there is free internet access nearly anywhere, thanks to island-wide wireless coverage.

The free wireless network requires registration, and all SingNet customers can automatically use their logins (for the paid home accounts) for the free wireless network. Logging in is easy.

Starbucks Solo, i.e. single shot, Espresso (S$3.30)
Starbucks Espresso

At the moment, I’m drinking a single shot of espresso from Starbucks and listening to the latin/salsa music that’s playing in the background. The place is pretty packed with multiple folks on notebook computers or reading. I had a hard time finding a place at first and was going to share a couch with another person. Fortunately, immediately upon my return from ordering an espresso, somebody left, allowing me to get a corner seat right next to a power outlet. Perfect.

Regarding the coffee, the barista who pulled my shot was a young Caucasian/Eurasian lady who tossed a shot because it was a poor one. It’s always preferable to wait a bit longer for a better shot than to save a couple of minutes and drink a terrible one. Starbucks is renowned for its efficiency instead of its coffee, and the efficiency bit wasn’t there. In comparison to the care taken by the barista at Highlander Coffee Bar, it came across as more sloppy, especially since both baristas took about the same period of time. The coffee itself was actually decent, especially after I added 1/8th of a packet of raw sugar (sans stirring).

They’ve changed the background music to jazz. Very chill.

Yep, this is a pretty good place to sit on a Saturday afternoon and work. Hopefully this ethics case writeup will be completed soon.



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