Review: Highlander Coffee Bar

“There Can Be Only One.”

During all his postings at SGH, J. had never known of the presence of Highlander Coffee, a small place directly opposite SGH. Pity. It’s a great place for coffee.

Over the course of two weeks, J. has sampled three drinks from the place: a double shot espresso ($1.90), a latte ($2.90) and a double-shot latte in a small cup ($2.90). The friends enjoyed flavoured lattes ($3.50) such as hazelnut, etc.

J. is happy! Having tasted the blandness of coffee from Spinelli’s in NUS, he’s finally tasted a latte from an outlet that he can really enjoy (the straight espresso was alright). Add to that some pretty good latte art (as compared to the artless bubbly foam dusted with chocolate from Spinelli’s), it’s not bad at all.

Comparatively, a medium latte from Spinelli’s in NUS costs $3.70 post-student-discount. This is value for money. A picture will be up shortly.

Highlander Coffee Pte. Ltd.
49 Kampong Bahru Road
Singapore 169362
Office Hours: 9am to 6.00pm (Mon – Fri)
Phone: +65 6226 1686 Fax: +65 6368 3049


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