Rag & Flag 2007 and Memories of 2003

The NUS Rag & Flag 2007 was held on 11 August 2007 at the Sports and Recreation Centre (SRC), Padang. It was the first time the event was held at the Padang as it had previously been held at the NUS SRC Track.

It’s J.’s final year in medical school, and he could not resist the urge the go support the medical faculty… or to reminisce with fellow year 5’s about their participation in Rag Day 2003. A couple of J.’s classmates have siblings in the first year of medical school, so they too went along for the ride.

This year, Rag 2007’s theme was Discover the Passion, Witness our Spirit. The Medicine Faculty came up with a story of a little girl who, unlike her peers who were happy with stuffed animals, wielded a model aeroplane and dreamt of flying. Alas, she was deemed a weirdo for her dreams and ostracised. However, like a true blue mad (med) person, she never gave up her dream of flying.

Two mystical fairies came out and called forth the king of the elves who then summoned his [tiny] army of elves who built a plane. Yet, just before the girl was to take flight, evil goblins appeared and hijacked the plane after taking potentially explosive fluids on board (no, not really). A great battle ensued, and as expected, the elves are victorious! To infinity and beyond!

It was a lot more impressive in real life than J. makes it sound, really. And J. (and co.) were even more impressed when they discovered that the whole dance item was choreographed by two… TWO M2s. Outstanding.

It’s a pity the performance failed to reach its maximum potential with a couple of errors on the day itself. And alas (again), the Faculty of Medicine failed to win the Best Presentation/Performance thingamajig this year. Instead, it was taken by Science (who had both a great float and a good dance performance).

Anyway, J. was thinking about his first year’s participation in Rag 2003. The theme was Faces: Embrace Diversity, Celebrate Unity.
Here, have a look at this link – NUS Knowledge Enterprise: September 2003. Note the bottom of the page where they say “Best Presentation for Faculty Clubs: Medicine”.

That year, the class of 2003 laid the scene in a garden where a little girl (played by one of the smallest, cutest girls in J.’s class) is somehow in a garden, like Alice Through The Looking Glass meets Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. The story starts off with a cheerful scene with three groups of insects: butterflies, bumblebees and ladybirds all playing together. However, when Alice tried to get help from any of them, they all rejected her.

Then… the giant spider (think lion dance) arrived, its eight appendages waving menacingly. Its spinnerets (represented by the spinneret girls) spun Alice into a coccoon and started to draw her in. However, a brave little bumblebee came out and had a tug-of-war (which he lost) with the spider. Inspired by his bravery, the insects came together as one and took a phalanx formation… together driving the spider away.

Cue celebratory dance.

To think it was 4 years ago. Wow.

P.S. J. was one of the performers for that year’s Rag.


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