Review: The Soup Spoon

It’s J.’s two week study break, hence there’s a shortage of medicine-related posts. Therefore it will be made up for with food posts! (mostly from quite some time back) Note, however, that this is not a food blog.

Recently, J. met up with a friend who was returning to the USA. After walking around Raffles City, they settled on The Soup Spoon.

Each soup is served with a soft roll with the option to upgrade for a price. Alas, the naan (Indian bread) was sold out. J. has a fondness of garlic and cheese naan and finds that they accompany more sauces, soups and gravy amazingly well.

Velvety Mushroom Stroganoff (Grande – $7.00)
Velvety Mushroom Stroganoff

After agonising over which soup to buy, J. decided on the mushroom stroganoff. True to name, it went down smooth, with many small mushroom chunks to give that shiok (really enjoyable) 口感 (mouth feeling). One large bowl of soup was just right for J., and he employed the soft roll to mop up the last vestiges of soup from his bowl.

Boston Clam Chowder (Regular – $5.90)
Boston Clam Chowder

TH is a clam chowder fan and a regular visitor of Boston, so she couldn’t resist buying the Boston clam chowder. Alas, it failed to live up to expectation. J. had a small taste of it, and his first thought was, “Not clam-my enough.” Clam chowder should have a stronger taste, and it was strange the vegetables bits they put in it. Decent, but not worth it, J. thinks.

Iced tea ($2.10)
Definitely overpriced. If you must get an overly sweet soft drink, take a walk to the supermarket and buy it for less than half the price.

The staff was very friendly, helping us to set down our trays because it was crowded and there wasn’t a lot of room to manouevre. Well, it was an alright experience. J. seems to remember trying their Roasted Pumpkin with Caramelized Apple & Toasted Almonds previously. It was good, but might get a bit cloying if a big bowl was taken.

Raffles City Shopping Centre
Basement 1 Unit 75/76
Sun – Thurs: 10.30am to 10.00pm
Fri-Sat: 10.30am to 10.30pm
Tel No: 6334 3220


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