Review: The Tea Party Café

The Tea Party Café
The Tea Party Cafe Sign

This is a charming two-storey place located around the junction of Sixth Avenue and Bukit Timah Road. The place itself is facing Bukit Timah Road, about 30 paces away from the bus stop. J. visited the place with Ly on a lazy Saturday afternoon at about 2.30pm. They appeared to be the only/first customers there.

It looks like a small place on first impression but do not be fooled, there’s a second floor. J. and Ly opted to sit on the first floor, on a pair of facing comfortable black seats.


View from J.’s seat
The Tea Party Cafe Ambience

Onwards to tea!
This place is known for its scones. Ly ordered a chocolate chip scone ($2.30) while J. ordered a cranberry scone:

Cranberry Scone ($2.50)
The Tea Party Cafe Cranberry Scone

The scone was nice. Just a touch of crisp on the outside for extra texture, soft and slightly crumbly on the inside, it wasn’t too sweet but was flavourful enough. Definitely much better than what passes off as scones at places like Starbucks.

There’s a choice of spread: jam, butter or cream cheese. As can be seen above, the jam and butter are the usual small packets. The jam is too sweet and overpowers the taste of the scone. The butter would have been better warmed instead of cold, as it made it difficult to spread it over the warm scone.

The scone went nicely with a spot of butter. J. wishes that he could have tried the cream cheese, but the staff hadn’t prepared it by then. It was only as J. and Ly were about done that more customers appeared and the staff started mixing up a batch of cream cheese.

Channeling the spirit of “East-Meets-West”, they ordered a pot of white tea – Drum Mountain White Tea.

Drum Mountain White Tea ($5.00, $1.00 for refill of hot water)
The Tea Party Cafe White Tea

Give the tea a bit more time to get ready. Although the staff advised J. and Ly to wait 2-3 min, when they poured out the tea 4 min later it was still too dilute, with just the tiniest whiff of fragrance demonstrating its difference from plain hot water. Otherwise, it was pretty good, very fragrant with a tint of nuttiness, but J. thinks that a $1.00 hot water refill is plain ridiculous. It’s hot water, come on!

Overall, it’s a quiet place, perfect for catching up with friends on a lazy Saturday afternoon, with some nice things on the menu. J.’s heard that their roast duck pizza’s pretty special, but he hasn’t had a chance to try that yet. Maybe next time.

On a subsequent occasion when J. went back, he ordered a pot of Darjeeling ($6.90, $1.00 for additional hot water) to sit and chill out. Internet access was not available, however. Later on, he moved to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in an attempt to get more caffeine and use the wireless internet. He was disappointed once again
Darjeeling at the Tea Party Cafe

The Tea Party Café
Sixth Avenue Centre #01-07
805 Bukit Timah Road (S)279883
Opening Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays, 11am to 11pm
Tel: 64623563


2 responses to this post.

  1. love that place for its uncluttered look and the teas.


  2. I like hot beverages, tea amongst them… but scones! I love scones!


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