Medicine SIP – The First Call

It’s nice that as a medical student, one still has no real responsibilities. So for the first call, J. tagged along with the house officer (HO) from the team he’s attached to.

Life as HO1-on-call at this particular hospital is shit.

The MO on call pointed out that the year as a house officer is a shit thing that every physician has to do once in their life. Well, except for places that have abolished internships, but that doesn’t count, does it?

Fortunately for the HOs, JoT and J. brought their mystical ‘aura of slackness’ with them, and there were no new admissions to the teams they were on after midnight. Unfortunately for the HOs, the sheer overwhelming number of patients in this major hospital overwhelmed the aura of slackness by having sufficient changes to leave the HO with little to no sleep at night.

J. is very glad he is still only a medical student. For the HO, with a full day of work ahead of her, it’s hardly easy.

Time to work those IV cannulas, venepunctures and arterial blood gases. There’s little to no backup when on call.


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