Software – Foxit PDF Reader

There are many documents that are sent out in PDF form, including medical journal articles, making it essential for everybody to have a PDF reader on their computer. For most, this would mean Adobe Reader but this is one of the biggest pieces of bloatware around. When J. first started it, he had to contend with his anti-spyware program asking permissions for a whole list of plugins activated when all he wanted to do was to read a memo.

In the past, when using Adobe Reader 7.0, he would use Adobe Reader Speedup, a handy little utility that disables the plugins from launching, speeding up Adobe Reader considerably. However, now that he’s using Adobe Reader 8.0, it doesn’t really work all that well.

Thankfully, along comes a handy little program: Foxit Reader . It’s fast, it does what it’s meant to do, and only takes up a few megabytes of space. J. likes. If you’re not into fancy plugins for PDF files, if all you want to do is read and print, why stick to the huge installation of Adobe Reader?


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