Review: Delhi Restaurant

CG Lunch No. 1
It’s incredible. For J.’s clinical group (CG), there has not been a single clinical group outing with every member (numbering 8 in total) present for over a year. The closest they’ve come is a dim sum buffet with 7 present. In stark contrast, less than 2 weeks into their new posting, the new clinical group has met for their first CG lunch, with full attendence.

It was at Delhi Restaurant. J. rarely eats Indian food, though he’s fond of what he has eaten in the past.
Delhi Signboard

Around Friday lunch hour, there was no paucity of coupon parking lots along the roads nearby. Competence in parallel parking is desired.

The CG, having an Indian group member who was the only one familiar with the place, left the selection of dishes entirely in his hands. He didn’t disappoint.

Pappadum! With mint sauce and some onion-thingamabobs. Not bad, not bad.

Drinks were a no-brainer. While the ordering member had a fairly expensive Coke ($2.00), 5 other CG members had sweet lassi. It was sweet, creamy and went well down the throat. No complains there. Other flavours of lassi not tried were salty mango.

Sweet Lassi ($2.50)

For appetizers, they had sheekh kebabs – minced meat & spices ground, bound with egg, skewed and grilled tandoori as well as chicken tikka – chicken marinated in cream & spices, grilled in the tandoori. They were pretty good, but J. wasn’t extremely impressed with the skeekh kebabs. Maybe it’s a more acquired taste.

Sheekh Kebabs ($6.50) and Chicken Tikka ($8.00)
Delhi - Sheekh KebabsDelhi - Chicken Tikka

For staples, a mix of Delhi’s Special Pulav Rice – with mixed vegetables and dates, and three different types of naan – Delhi (plain) naan, garlic naan and cheese kulcha were ordered. The naan came together in a single large basket. They were nicely done, not too dry, with a good texture in the mouth. These went particularly well with the cottage cheese mentioned below. J. enjoyed the rice very much as well, it being both fragrant and sweet.

Delhi’s Special Pulav Rice ($6.00), Delhi Naan ($1.50), Garlic Naan ($2.00), Cheese Kulcha ($4.00)
Delhi - Special Pulav RiceDelhi - Naan

For non-meat dishes, they ordered the Delhi vegetables, basically ‘dry’ mixed vegetables. It was alright. J.’s not particularly good at dissecting these kind of flavours, so let’s just leave it that he enjoyed it. The other lacto-vegetarian dish was panir makhani, a cottage cheese deep fried and served with sweet and sour sauce. For a person who likes cheese, J. thought the dish was just alright. The sauce went well with the naan.

Delhi Vegetables ($7.00), Panir Makhani ($7.50)
Delhi - Delhi VegetablesDelhi - Panir Makhani

Meats: Pepper chicken and rogan josh, a special lamb curry cooked with herbs and spices. These went nicely with the fragrant, sweet rice. The lamb taste was subtle (not overpowering), the chicken tender, the sauces flavourful. Nice.

Pepper Chicken ($10.00), Rogan Josh ($9.50)
Delhi - Pepper ChickenDelhi - Rogan Josh

For a satisfying meal for 8 people, the cost came to about $92 after the CG returned all the napkins after discount (for paying by UOB credit card). The place is worth a look, even if it is slightly overshadowed by the Banana Leaf Apolo nearby.

Delhi Restaurant
Opening Hours: Daily 11am – 11pm
60 Race Course Road
Singapore 216567
Tel: 2964585
Fax: 62975715


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