Thumbs Down for Casuarina Curry

There’s a Chinese saying “While imbibing water, think of its source” (饮水思源). It is a reminder to always remember one’s roots, especially after they have brought you to success.

It is a saying that Casuarina Curry, located at 126 Casuarina Road, has ignored completely as they figuratively spit in the faces of the patrons who had supported them in the past.

Having lived near the place for 20 years, J. has watched the place evolve and their food quality change. They’ve expanded, renovated and put in air-conditioning. They’ve changed their operating hours.

After his experiences at Casuarina Curry over the past 6 months, it’s becoming very hard for J. to recommend friends to have prata gatherings there, despite his personal travel convenience. He would not like to eat prata there any more.

Reasons why you should not visit Casuarina Curry:

1. Service

Service is now pitiful. The feeling the staff there give is that you, the customer, are worshipping at the Temple of Prata. They are arrogant, disrespectful and incompetent.

On several occasions, regardless of whether it’s 1 person or a group of people, regardless of whether it’s morning or night, they’ve been left at the seats for over 15min, trying in vain to get the attention of any wait staff. When any of them got up and tried to place their order personally, they were ordered brusquely: “Sit down.” and subsequently ignored for another 5min.

J. is sure that treating your repeat customers like misbehaving children is fantastic service, really.

After placing orders for teh halia, milo dinosaur, one egg-onion prata and a coke for 4 people, the waiter asked incredulously, “Only?” Perhaps they feel that J. and gang, who include rugby players, are somewhat malnourished.

On the same occasion, the friend’s Coke, after being confirmed 5min after the order “Not Coke Light, right?” came only as a glass of ice sans can of Coke. After delivery of the egg-onion prata, the waiter suddenly picked it up and scrutinised it before the disbelieving eyes (and fork + spoon) or J.’s friend before shouting across to his colleague an affirmation in Tamil.

2. Drinks

It seems that their operating costs with 2 shophouses and air-conditioning has required Casuarina Curry to cut costs elsewhere, possibly by watering down their drinks. It’s been some time since J. has drank teh halia (ginger milk tea) that’s so bland. There’s no kick to it, unlike the ones at The Roti Prata House on Upper Thomson Road.

Similarly, their other teh‘s, teh cino, teh ping, etc. are all bland. Their milo dinosaur has been de-toothed, it lacks bite.

3. Prata

One of J.’s favourites last time was their plain prata. Now it’s a bit hit-and-miss. There was previously this lovely buttery taste to it, but now like their drinks, it’s a bit bland.

The accompanying curry, like their drinks, is watered down and lacks both fragrance and kick.

All is not lost! Their egg prata is still pretty nice, with crispy edges. Not bad, not bad.

4. Opening Hours

The Roti Prata House is a 24-hr shop. Casuarina Curry closes at 11.30pm on weeknights and 12 midnight on weekends, whereas it used to be a decent supper place when it used to close at 2am.

To quote J.’s friend, “What self-respecting prata place closes at 12 midnight on a weekend night?”


Somewhere along the way, Casuarina Curry started believing its own hype. It’s riding on its reputation that is slowly being eroded away (too slowly, in J.’s opinion). However, due to the arrogance that seems to pervade the shop, nothing appears to be done to improve or at least halt the decline in service and food quality.

It’s thumbs down for Casuarina Curry. If J. has a roti prata craving, he’d rather the extra 10min bus ride down to The Roti Prata House.


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