Tim Horton’s

Affectionately known as Timmie’s, Tim Horton’s has bulldozed its way into the hearts and minds of Canadians in Ontario. Originating in Hamilton, it’s no surprise that Hamilton has the highest concentration of Tim Horton’s outlets in Canada, followed by London (Ontario, Canada). Driving in Ontario, you can see repeated Tim Horton’s outlets along the highways as well. That’s when you discover the usefulness of having drink holders in the car.

Tim Horton’s is a chain focusing on coffee and doughnuts, named after one of its co-founders – Miles Gilbert “Tim” Horton, a Canadian professional hockey defenseman from Cochrane, Ontario. Now, it also sells a variety of other goods including hot chocolate, muffins and bagels.

Tim Horton’s Sign + Menu
Tim Horton’s Sign

In one hospitals in Canada J’s been in, there are two Tim Horton’s outlets in the same hospital, 2 floors apart. It makes so much sense to have two doughnut outlets in an institution with a cardiac and stroke centre. Doughnuts are, after all, definitely on every nutritionist’s list of daily food requirements. Absolutely.

Nonetheless, partly thanks to one of the most successful marketing campaigns around, J. very much likes Tim Horton’s.

Here’s the usual drink that J. orders:

“I’ll have a Medium Coffee – Single Cream, Single Sugar.” (CA$1.24 after taxes)
Tim Horton’s Medium Coffee

Apparently, the “double, double” (double cream/milk, double sugar) is pretty popular. It was first introduced to J. by a fellow from Saudi Arabia (who had in turn been introduced to it by Canadians). It’s a bit too sinful for J., and makes him feel bad about working his way across the donut rack.

Speaking of which, on most days, J. feels like trying a different flavour of donut. They’re pretty good doughnuts. Here’s the last one J. tried before flying back home:

Dutchies (CA$0.85 after taxes)
Tim Horton’s Dutchies

Whatever that means. The dutchies cost the same as the doughtnuts.

J.’s personal favourites are the sour cream and sour cream glazed. He also enjoys a warm toasted bagel with a spot of butter (no cream cheese necessary). The muffins are alright, but J.’s been spoiled by Chocolat N Spice back in Singapore.

Alas, Timmie’s, J. will miss you. In the meantime, he’ll go back to Indonesia coffee from the local coffeeshops. (S$0.75-S$1.20).


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