How Can You…?

… be such a judgmental douchebag?

For some strange reason, J. tends to be on fairly friendly terms with those that others tend to “condemn”. At times, however, the herd pressure gets to him and he begins to see the negative side of these people. You should never judge a book by its cover. There, it’s clichéd. He’s said it.

Blinded by one person’s apperance, J. once paid a single statement more attention than he should have.

One of J.’s friends, QKTU was at best overly attention-seeking, with a playfulness that bordered on irritating at times. The girls of the class did not take kindly to him.

A petite, sweet-looking, church-going, soft-spoken choirgirl asked in all seriousness, “How can you be friends with him?” and J. is ashamed to admit that at the time, his reaction was to assume that what the girls had said about QKTU to be true and to question J.’s own character in being friends with QKTU.

They say hindsight is 20/20. And through the retrospectoscope, what J. sees is a very ugly human aspect underneath one angelic apperance, and a weakness of conviction and loyalty behind a libertarian front.

Currently, J. is still on good terms with QKTU. There’s just a little something there however, a bit of negative imprint and a spot of guilt hidden under it all. That’s regrettable.

If there’s nothing constructive to say, keep it to yourself, folks.


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