Medical Elective: Final Thoughts on Neurology

Neurology and Neurosurgery are similar in so many ways. They’re like Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery. They’re like General Surgery and Gastroenterology. They’re like identical twin brothers… except they look really different, and actually have different genes.

Those are some of the most redundant, useless statements I’ve ever made.

I found Neurology both fascinating and frustrating at the same time. Fascinating because the diagnosis and sheer variety of pathologies was so varied, yet frustrating because it’s so time-consuming. A complete neurological examination, undertaken with both looking for pathology and the localisation of that pathology, takes a lot of time. To complicate matters, it is very dependent on the cooperation of the patient.

This short rotation in Neurology has helped greatly, not only in terms of theoretical knowledge, but giving exposure to how the hospital/physician has to gather the services of multiple disciplines. The speech therapist, PT/OT, medical social worker, family physician, fellow specialists, rehab hospitals and long term care (LTC) institutions.

So yeah, it was pretty awesome.

J. out.


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