Toronto’s CN Tower

You know what they say, you go up one tallest-tower-in-the-world, you’ve gone up all of them.

Nevertheless, the day J. went to Toronto to meet JoT and girlfriend, the four of them (four? how do you do the math?) went to the CN Tower – Canada’s Wonder of the World. It’s 553 metres tall and is the world’s tallest tower, but not the world’s tallest building.

Here it is.

CN Tower

Well, the view at the top’s amazing. There was a funky glass floor (it’s only about 4 metres by 8 metres) that allows you to look straight down at the little ant-like people beneath. Other than that, no surprises. Costs about CA$25.99 to go to the observation deck, glass floor and Sky Pod (it’s a higher level observation deck). However, be prepared to wait 30min to enter the elevator to the Sky Pod.

If you’ve been to Shanghai’s Oriental Pearl, gone up KL’s Twin Towers or Taiwan’s Taipei 101, you might want to save your money. Then again, the view’s different in each of these countries. J. particularly enjoyed looking out at the Toronto Islands, the Island Airport and just far off into the horizon, imagining he was looking towards Niagara Falls.


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