Church Worship Concert

Recently, at the invitation of a friend in Canada, J. attended a the North Park Community Church worship concert by Brian Doerksen (and band) with special guest Dan Macaulay (who opened the show for Brian Doerksen).

Tickets were priced at CA$21.00 at the door and CA$16.00 if pre-ordered. The show was supposed to start a 1930hrs but started about 10-15min late. While all tickets were sold out, there was sufficient space for everybody (though it got a little cozy) in the pews and the few extra seats available.

It was a long concert. Due to time constraints, J. had to leave early at about 2240hrs. That’s a whopping 3 hours of worship. Minus a toilet break here, an intermission there… you get the idea.

For a long period of time, J. found the very idea of critically evaluating worship songs/services repulsive. However, it IS a somewhat commercial event so why not?

J. was perhaps slightly biased against Dan due to the prominence of his T-shirt selling booth near the entrance to the main hall (admittedly, they were rather nice T-shirts), but the truth was that his opening numbers were audio torture. It wasn’t entirely his fault. The volume of the music was phenomenally high, drowning out his voice while assaulting the audience’s eardrums relentlessly. His songs’ lyrics, while pleasant enough, seemed to lack creativity. Ditto for the music. There was more clapping at the end of the set than in between any of his songs… whether it’s the audience showing their appreciation or their expressing relief that “It’s finally over!”, nobody knows.

As for the actual Brian Doerksen concert… it was promoted as a concert althought in the actual “concert” the performers emphasised that it was NOT a concert but was instead a worship session. Other than the band, there was also a young accompanying string ensemble made up of musically-talented members of the church. Overall, there were a few gems in the performance but the rest of the songs were just very “Blah”. Particularly as J. had been sleep-deprived for the past few days.

Was it worth $16? Nope. J. had anticipated a powerful experience…

Perhaps his expectations were too high.


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  1. Posted by cheekysalsera on May 4, 2007 at 6:09 pm

    Hmm, our youth worship min has had feedback that every worship session feels like a rock concert, but I’m not sure if they’re for good or for bad, as the commentor couldn’t quite make up his / her mind about it >_


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