Software: Brief Look at MediaMonkey

J. uses iTunes because it syncs with his iPod mini. Also, because he finds it fairly well designed. However, it’s a real resource hog on his Acer Travelmate 8104 running Windows XP Professional.

That’s why he’s just recently switched to MediaMonkey. Having loaded 16gig worth of songs into its library, MediaMonkey takes up 37,728 KB of memory usage without playing any song. iTunes, on the other hand, takes up 63,700 KB. Of course, it lacks the deal-breaker of Windows Media Player – natively unable to sync with iPods.

When playing a song, Aerosmith – Just Push Play.mp3, iTunes used 3.5 – 6.7% of the CPU (as indicated by Process Explorer) while the same song played by MediaMonkey used 1.2 – 2.4 %.

On preliminary usage, MediaMonkey looks good. J. likes to rename his mp3 files to a standard format, and he was pleasant surprised to find that he could directly edit filenames along with the external tags within MediaMonkey’s playlist. Awesome. Also, any ratings, etc. etc. are ported over from either WMP or iTunes on first installation and running of MediaMonkey. Very convenient for the switch.

It’s been said that there might be some problems with syncing to iPod, but J. hasn’t tried it yet. MediaMonkey doesn’t support .aac files but does pretty much everything else (including .ogg) unlike iTunes which is unable to play .wma files.

J.’ll play around with the program a bit and see if there’s anything else that he likes or dislikes.


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  1. Posted by cheekysalsera on April 24, 2007 at 12:27 am

    Downloaded it, and then it hanged twice coz I opened too many files at once – something which, so far, has not happened to iTunes on my computer. It also can’t seem to find music files in the main music folder after having to browse through all the subfolders – something that has not happened with iTunes either.

    But that aside, I really like it! Changing the location and filenames are now such a breeze, and it really helps to have two separate windows, one for Now Playing and the other for Library.

    Haven’t tried syncing the iPod yet though… feeling rather lazy =X

    *bananas over Media Monkey* =P


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