Review: Haato (Ridgewood Condominium)

Recently, J. called in an old debt, made in jest, and visited one of the outlets of Haato, in particular the one hidden at Ridgewood Condominium.

Haato Logo

The place isn’t very accessible by public transport. Parking along the road outside of Ridgewood Condominium leading to the place was simple. The place was small, with one table seating 6, another seating 8, and two sets of 4 couches each indoors.

Regardless, the two strode into the cosy-looking parlour.

Their purpose: gelato.

Desiring something solid to put into the mouth, J. ordered the waffle ($4.00) with a scoop of gelato ($2.00). Each additional scoop costs $2.00.

Haato - Waffle

J. loves his carbs. He might not love the result of that carbohydrate love… but ah well. The waffle tasted slightly better than normal waffle mix (which tends to leave a slight oily cloying feeling the mouth). While not very crispy, it was chewy with a tint of sweetness and went well with the gelato.

Hazelnut and Durian
Haato - Hazelnut and Durian

Speaking of gelato, J, opted for the two strong flavours above. He had heard that the durian flavour was one of their specialties. It was all good. Strong tastes but not too sweet.

Ly desired three scoops. The usual pricing is 1 flavour for $3.00, 2 for $2.00 with no option for 3 scoops. However, the staff kindly voluntarily charged them as though they were adding even more scoops to the waffle (i.e. each scoop $2.00).

Sweet Potato with Chestnut and Honey, Black Sesame and Green Tea with Red Bean
Haato - 3 Flavours

All of the flavours had good flavour, were not too sweet and their own unique 口感 (mouth feel). J. could hardly taste the sweet potato flavour, but the chestnut and honey flavours were very obvious. The black sesame reminded J. of the hot Chinese desserts at Chinatown market (currently located temporarily opposie Singapore General Hospital). The green tea with red bean was refreshing in its own way but wasn’t one of J.’s favourites.

The consensus was that Ly’s choices were flavours that made you think about their tastes.

The service staff were friendly and helpful. The place was clean barring the ice cream stains on the seats, but that’s to be expected given people’s messy eating habits and the difficulty in cleaning stains from upholstery. There were a variety of games available for use, ranging from Chinese Chess (?!) to the more popular Jenga and Taboo games. Wireless internet connection is available as well, but the password has to be requested from the service staff. The toilets are locked, too, and yes, the keys have to be requested from the service staff.

Once past 11pm, however, the gates to the road are locked and the folks still inside had to get one pleasant-looking man at the haato counter to use his card to open the gate into Ridgehood Condominium, from where they made their way back out to the road.

A fairly quiet place to enjoy gelato. Until a boisterous group of JC teenagers decide to play a rousing game of Jenga.

Unit G1
5 Ridgewood Close
Opening hours: 11am – 11pm

Tel : 6464 9607
Fax : 6464 9507


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    oishi-ne… XD


  2. Nice blog I really like your writing style,it is really interesting to read your articles.


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