Review: Crêperie AR-MEN

Creperie AR-MEN Logo

Crêperie AR-MEN is a charming place around Tanjong Pagar, and one of two places J. knows of in Singapore that specialise in selling French crêpes. The pronunciation of “crêpes” is slightly closer to “crap” than “creeps”, as is favoured by most Singaporeans.

After way too long, J. decided to visit the place with fellow food reviewer – Co – one lazy weekday evening.

Arriving at about 1820hrs, J. and Co discovered that the place only opened for business in the evenings from 7pm, so they headed to a nearby Ya Kun for a quick cuppa (J.) and iced Horlicks (Co). At 1855hrs, the two arrived back at the place, which was hidden unobtrusively besides the bright and glaring 7-11. Had J. not done his homework beforehand, it would have been far too easy to mistake the restaurant for yet another pub along Duxton Road, so easily did it blend in.

The place was dimly lit but had a certain charm to its decor.
Decor at Creperie AR-MEN

From the moment J. and Co stepped in, the affable owner put them at ease.

While Co ordered an ice lemon tea (thé au citron) ($3.00), J. decided to try their cider (bolée) ($6.00) in one of their cups which was filled to the brim. It was a decent drink, sweet but not excessively so.

Apple Cider at Creperie Ar-Men

Co ordered the special of sirloin steak ($21.90) with choice of blue cheese or red wine sauce (there was a third option that J. has forgotten). They were not asked how well they preferred the steak to be done and it was served medium. A fortunate degree of done-ness, as J. likes his steaks medium-rare to medium while Co likes hers medium to medium-well. The steak was served with potato slices with cheese, salad and a tomato, all of which were very tasty. A more in-depth analysis is not possible, with J,’s taste receptors attuned only to “Good” and “Bad”.

Sirloin Steak at Creperie Ar-Men

There was the Hermine ($15.90) , a buckwheat flour crêpe (galette) with sautéd chicken (poulet) with apples (pommes) in a cream sauce (à la crème). This is how crêpe should be. Chewy, with its flavours blending well with the filling within, there was no question about finishing this main course.

Hermine from Creperie Ar-Men

To round off the meal, a serving of Ty Suzette ($14.90), a soft wheat flour crêpe spread with orange butter, topped with orange sorbet made from blood oranges and set
alight before our eyes (flambéd). Unfortunately, the flash that J. neglected to deactivate removed the effect of the flames, which quickly died down, leaving behind the strong taste of liquor. The sorbet was refreshing, not too sweet and tasted strongly of orange. The rest of it was all good. All good.

Ty Suzette at Creperie Ar-Men

The total bill came up to $68.49, inclusive of service charge. A decent price, given the quality of the food. Supposedly, the ingredients were mostly either imported from Britanny, or made by them. No credit card discounts there.

Would J. go there again? Yes. The ambience is nice, it’s quiet inside despite the surrounding areas being filled with pubs. And J. loves good food.

Crêperie AR-MEN
37 Duxton Road
Singapore 089501
Opening Hours: 12 noon – 2pm (Lunch), 7pm – 10.30pm (Dinner),
Closed on Sundays

Tel: 6227 3389
Fax: 6788 6385

Update: Apparently the other restaurant that specialises in crêpes, Le P’tit Breton, has already closed.


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