Bachata Competition

Bachata originated from the Dominican Republic, [blah blah insert history here, or just read Wikipedia’s entry] and it’s mostly romantic and a little sad. The basic step is 3 steps to the left and a movement like a hip bump, followed by 3 steps to the right and a movement. Repeat.

Bachata, when danced socially, is often danced very closely, frequently with the right lower limb between the lower limbs of the partner. That is supposedly how the Colombians dance, and some feel that to dance in open hold for the entire length of the song is pointless. For these reasons, some people like J. prefer only to do the bachata with certain people they are comfortable with.

Back to the competition. It was held at O Bar, beneath dbl O. Each couple had to come up with a bachata performance item of between 1min30s and 5min. In the end, a total of 7 couples took part.

N.B.: Couples must be of opposite genders. It may be taken for granted but you’d be surprised.

J. took part with Ly.

How the item came to be is an odd story. J. is not a big fan of bachata, preferring the fun and the funky to the sensual and romantic. Regardless, he had a change of heart a few days before the competition, and so a flurry of activity took place. There was some help with the choreography and the two managed to perform an item for the competition.

It was quite a successful event, with the place itself being packed largely by members of the local salsa scene who were probably keen to scope out the first bachata competition in Singapore. The quality of the contestants was varied, ranging from complete lack of preparation (T-shirts, jeans, no choreography) to highly dramatic and sof… sensual choreography. Most of the performances were enjoyable and demonstrated serious effort (barring one or two).

Afterwards, Jovienne, ranked 11th in the 2005/6 Asian Pacific by the Asian Dance Sport Federation, showed off her latin ballroom skills with a rhumba and samba performance in front of an awed audience.

That was followed by latin music such as salsa, cha cha, merengue and bachata until about 1am. So marked the end of a fairly successful inaugural bachata competition in Singapore.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by P on March 21, 2007 at 1:18 pm

    This was the New year’s eve comp, right?
    I din realise it was a bachata comp…


  2. The New Year’s Eve one was a salsa competition.


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