Printer: Brother DCP-115C

Addendum added below. J.’s not happy with the printer.

At the ITShow Singapore 2007, J., via his cousin’s friend (brochures) and the mother (the actual buying) decided to purchase a new Print/Copy/Scan machine – the Brother DCP-115C.

It cost $88.

Woohoo! And here it is, after being set up.
Brother DSC-115C After Setup

Yes, it’s a not-quite sexy beast crouching on a shelf on my table.

The first thing J. printed were the Pathology Final MBBS MCQ questions from the past 3 years.

Anyway, a nice touch was that if you buy the printer at the ITShow, they throw in a trolley. Very useful given the terrible parking conditions around Suntec City during the show.

Brother DCP-115C Boxed

Notice how securely the box was attached to the trolley. Fortunately the printer itself isn’t very heavy, only about the weight of a laptop, and the mother was able to get it to the car (parked far far away).

Also, managed to set it up with on my desktop replacement (the one running Ubuntu 6.10) thanks to this guide:
A “how to” for the Brother MFC210C printer
supplemented by this:
Brother Linux Support FAQ for Printer

We’ll see how it goes over the next couple of weeks. The guide was easy to follow and set-up a breeze.

Did I mention its price is $88?

Addendum (31 January 2008):

This machine sucks ink like crazy. Despite saving colour printing for the rarest of occasions (more often than not just using the machine for photocopying), the colour cartridges have drained almost completely. It’s true that deskjets tend to charge cheap on the printer and expensive on the ink, but this is just not right.

Apparently, it’s because these Brother printers use the continuous cleaning method instead of the wipe method, so every now and then as long (as long as the printer is on), it’ll siphon some ink for cleaning. The best way to deal with this and save a bunch of cash on expensive ink is to turn off the power supply to the printer in between uses (not just stand by mode).

Think about the long term costs if you buy this printer.


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