Another Medical Person Doing Salsa

J. met a general practitioner outside Union Square. This GP runs a fairly successful GP practice close to Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH), a place where most of his patients get referred to when they require tertiary care. Interestingly, he was also there at the performance team training. This is one funky doctor, yes? Apparently, he cycles past the area where J. stays (remember Ululand?) as his other hobby. Another interesting fact: he used to be an anaesthesia trainee and is passing his old notes to J.’s favourite ex-HO who happens to be doing doing Anaesthesia at TTSH. As mentioned, it’s a small world.

A sobering thought: GP advised J. that there’s a lot of office politics in the world of medical (and surgical) specialisations, and that given that J. does not have “blue blood” (i.e. having relatives who are doctors), it would be advisable for him to find a “godfatheer/godmother” to watch his back. Or, as J. would put it, cover his ass.

Is that what the medical electives are for? To meet people?


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