The Kid’s Gaming Addiction

A kid from China is staying with J.’s family while he studies here in Singapore and he is a classic case of gaming addiction.

At the moment, he is throwing a tantrum over his current inability to connect to the Internet to play his favoured game of Defence of the Ancients Allstars (DotA-Allstars).

In this household, J. is king of the technological hill. The kid’s computer is set up by and maintained by J. It is currently running the McAfee Security Suite which allows creation of user profiles with restricted internet access. So J. set it up for a young teenager (he’s about 13 now) with the allowed time period from 3pm to 8pm on weekdays.

Today, it didn’t work and J. was rudely awakened from a post-party nap by a loud wailing outside his door. While the kid continued throwing a tantrum to the mother downstairs, J. proceeded to the computer to work it out.

The culpit: the computer was mistaken set ahead by 12 hours. As such, it registered the time as 3am and refused to allow access to the Internet.

Ironically, if the kid would stop throwing a tantrum, return upstairs and go about his usually computer activities, he would find that it works perfectly well. As it is, J. is hardly inclined to inform him of the “repair”.

It’s been joked that J. is a gaming addict. He isn’t. The kid is. He plays to obsession. Being visibly distressed when unable to play, he has no social life to speak of. His grades are terrible despite his being 2 years older than his classmates.

J. thinks it’s a terrible thing. Yet, faced with a kid who’s not really part of the family, who’s been spoilt from young and is recalcitrant, what’s there to do?

In the meantime, a part of J. is laughing that the kid’s been throwing a tantrum about lack of internet access for over half an hour… despite the internet access being present.


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