Webcomic: Looking for Group

Despite having insufficient time to cram all the O&G information in a manner sufficiently organised enough to facilitate regurgitation, J. still found the time to take a quick look at this webcomic that was recommended by an ex-classmate. It’s called:

Looking for Group – http://www.lfgcomic.com

People who read fantasy stories or enjoy Dungeons & Dragons (including games based on these) will probably enjoy the comic more. This is due to their… what J. terms, “knowing what the -beep beep- is going on.”

It’s about a group of adventuring misfits:
1. Idealistic, honorable elven ranger (hmmm, probably Lawful Good)
2. Twisted warlock with the attention span of a rabbit (definitely Chaotic Evil)
3. Green-skinned (orcish?) cleric (perhaps Neutral Evil)
4. Minotaur barbarian wielding a huge hamer (Neutral Evil?)

Very well drawn. Great one-liners.


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