Vista, Mac or Linux?

My computer is dead. Rest in peace, loyal computer. You will be missed.

So now I’ve started looking forward to the upgrade of his computer. It is more likely, however, that a complete overhaul of the 2 year plus system will be performed.

And if he’s going to overhaul the system, why not try something different? Why not try… a Mac?

You know what they say… Once you go Mac, you can’t go back.

Now I’ve used Windows XP for quite a long period of time, partly because I didn’t have the cajones to risk all my data to install Ubuntu (which I am using for this current laptop).

I’ve never used a Macintosh. They were just too expensive for my taste… although I did build a system that cost me in excess of $2k. Now, however, given my drift away from computer gaming, these computers (Apple’s iMacs) are looking mighty fine.

My decision for not continuing with Windows has many factors.

Firstly, looking at the hardware requirements for Vista and looking at how much more bloated the operating system has gotten from Windows 98 to Windows XP, I’m not keen to continue to tax the computer system more. What’s the point of upgrading the hardware, only to have the software slow it down?

This laptop that I’m typing on is darn old. By today’s standards, it crawls. Yet it logs in in less than 10s and shows a beautiful desktop. When it was running Windows XP, I would go and grab a bite while it logged in.

Upgrading to Windows Vista is expensive. Linux is free.

And now this: A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection.
Warning: it’s quite long and not entirely easy to understand.

I quote:
“But what if the Vista content-protection technology had instead been applied towards malware protection? Instead of a separate protection domain for video playback, we might have a separate protection domain for banking and credit card details. Instead of specialised anti-debugging technigues to stop users getting at even one frame of protected content, we could have those same techniques combatting malware hooking itself into the OS. The list goes on and on, with all of the effort being misapplied to DRM when it could have been used to combat malware instead. What a waste. What a waste.”

I was very excited about Vista. Finally, a new Windows operating system. However, it appears that one of the most attractive features is Aero. Something that’s been done many times, and better in a Macintosh at lower system requirements. So if most of Microsoft’s Vista isn’t targeted entirely at the consumer… why give them our money?

To be fair to Microsoft, many of the incremental improvements have led to an improved user experience… over Windows XP. For more information, a good read can be had at Tom’s Hardware:
500 Hour Test of Tomorrow’s Windows “Vista”

I’m waiting to see how it all goes. Mac? Linux? Hmm…


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