Salsa – It’s A Small World [Country] After All

In 1969, Stanley Milgram (the man who performed the Milgram experiment) performed the small world experiment and suggested that on average, people in the United States were connected to each other by an average of 6 intermediaries.

Singapore is a little bit smaller than the United States (4.5 million as compared to 300 million).

It’s a small world! It should come as no surprise, the people he’s met in the salsa scene.

A psychologist working at KKWCH met during J.’s paediatric rotation.

A psychiatrist working at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) who was at the ward that J. was posted to the very day before.

A friend who was warded in National University Hospital (NUH)’s O&G ward the exact same day that J. was posted to that ward (for about 2 days).

J.’s first army platoon sergeant, currently a student at the National University of Singapore.

Someone who caroled for and is a friend of J.’s favourite Spinal Muscular Atrophy patient whom he met [again] at said patient’s party.

A primary school classmate, whom J. hadn’t seen for years, who happened to be one that the Mother used to give a ride to (as he stayed along the way).

And most recently, a medical officer who was the house officer in team J. was assigned to follow on his first surgical rotation in Singapore General Hospital (SGH).

That has to be some coincidence.


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