Chinese New Year 2007

新年快乐,万事如意, 年年有余,心想事成。

Chinese New Year is the most important annual holiday in the minds of most Chinese, and J. is no exception. (Happy Chinese New Year!)

(Thanksgiving? Blah. Christmas? So-so. Labour Day? Whaa…?)

The most important tradition is the reunion dinner. The way J.’s family does it, the nuclear family has its dinner on Chinese New Year’s Eve, while the extended family dinner is held in 3rd Uncle’s house in Melaka, Malaysia.

The steamboat is the method of choice, because it allows the churning out of copious amounts of tasty, filling, hot food that is pre-prepared. Extra food is simply placed in Tupperware and returned to the fridge for later consumption.

It’s a big event, because the J. family (based in Malaysia) might be considered fairly global, with folks in the United States, Germany and Singapore, of course.

This year, J. is staying in Singapore.

Curse you, O&G examination!


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