O&G: The Incredible Slacker Aura

JoT and J. have come to the conclusion that they have this impossibly powerful ability.

Kandang Kerbau Women’s and Children’s Hospital
(KKH) does 60% of Singapore’s deliveries. The daily live birth rate is about 20. That works out to be about 0.83 an hour. All previous batches and their friends say that the labour wards in KK are full of patients. It’s practically a baby factory in there.

So why is it that the moment the two set foot in the labour ward, there are 0 deliveries over the span of 6 hours? It’s not limited to KKH, either. (See O&G: First Observed Delivery)

All of a sudden, labour becomes beset by problems, babies pop right back inside and uteri calm themselves down. It’s mystical. It’s magical. It’s… the incredible slacker aura.

(Range of Aura: One Labour Ward)

Hurrah. Even though J. thought that he’d have to leave empty-handed again, it turned out one patient’s cervix dilated 5cm in one hour. He has thus completed his first delivery.

No such luck for JoT. He drives home sadly.

J. had to take a cab back.


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