Multi-Level Marketing Is Crap

For more information, please go to: MLM Watch.

J. had an acquaintance, a secondary school classmate he was never on very close terms with, who called one Sunday afternoon out of the blue and asked if they could meet.

Ting-a-ling-a-ling! J.’s Oddity Detector was set off. Warily, he agreed that he’d be free at night but due to study commitments, would be unable to leave the house.

“It’s not a problem,” acquaintance (hereafter known as MQ) said, “I’ll come look for you around 9pm.”

He showed up at the gate. J. let him in and asked, “What do you want?” MQ said, “What makes you think I’m after something?” J. gave the reasons why he thought MQ was there to sell a product or ask a favour:
1. They were never close friends
2. It was Sunday night
3. J. lives in Ulu-land

What ensued was a miserable attempt at selling. J. hated time-wasting. He liked things direct and to-the-point. And he repeatedly told MQ, “We’re friends, right? Cut the salesman crap and tell me two things: what I have to do, what I have to pay, how much time needed and what’s the returns?” MQ didn’t. What MQ did was to expound his MLM policy and repeatedly, continuously use the phrase:

help you achieve your potential

MQ is no longer an acquaintance of J.’s. He is on the banlist of instant messenging programs and ignored at class gatherings and not only by J.

Before we move further, there are two points that have to made about MLM: (a) People lose money more than they make money. (2) It’s terribly time-consuming

Ultimately, people lose respect for those who promote MLM to their families and friends because they inevitably fall into one of two categories:
1. Gullible
2. Dishonest

For all of MQ’s reiterations of “being there to help” J., does anyone think that he would have been there out of altruism? As compared to say… the motivation of money?

And yet, if he really bought into the hype about MLM, does that not mean that he is blindly believing without looking at the impact MLM is having on his life?

MLM has its uses. It’s an effective way to transform yourself into a social pariah. Please, carry on.

A great summary of the dishonest nature of MLM:
Ten Big Lies of Multi-Level Marketing


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