St James Power Station

A while back, J. went with the Brother to St James Power Station. Parking was a breeze with ample lots at VivoCity at the reasonable price of $2.00 per entry.

It was their first time there, and they met up with Ly, Ma and the sisters SF and CF. They ended up moving from room to room, staying in each for only as long as their short attention spans would last.

J. and the Brother first ended up at Dragonfly, where they met Ly, KE, and Ly’s family (very happening, no?). The place was packed.

Good: fairly good music, powerful vocalists, funky-looking guitars and entertaining performers. Bad: the thick smoke, the packed-like-sardines crowd.

Finally, Ma, SF and CF arrived. The Brother headed to Tiger Live to watch the Man Utd vs Charlton match (Man Utd won 2-1).

The rest of them moved into Movida, got a table and ordered drinks: a jug of Sprite ($5) and a jug of vodka Ribena ($35) to share among four. Conveniently, a friend of CF’s left a quarter jug of whiskey behind which ended up as whiskey Sprite. Each jug contained only enough for 4 cups. The vodka Ribena was so diluted that there was hardly a taste of alcohol. Definitely overpriced. Ly and KE arrived.

Good: the decor, the live band. Bad: the live band’s frenetic pace, the overcrowded dance floor, the drinks.

They then proceeded to The Boiler Room for some shaking it on the dance floor. Mindless entertainment.

Good: the DJ’s smooth music transitions Bad: need to think about this one… this place was pretty normalish.

The gang moved on upstairs to the Gallery Bar, taking a brief peek through the various windows. However, the smoke below was thick enough to prevent a good view of anything. Nothing much here… just moving along, moving along.

They ended up spending a bit more time at Bellini Room, just chilling. J. found the band by itself boring, until the crooner came up.

Good: the singer Bad: the guest drummer who needed extreme effort to contort his face into the semblance of a smile

The bunch then took two brief jaunts into Dragonfly and Powerhouse. Nothing worth mentioning.

They proceeded for supper and home.


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