Review: Wiener Kaffeehaus

Addendum (3 September 2007):
The previous two times J. went there, he noticed that the original friendly owner of Wiener Kaffeehaus was no longer there. The new, bespectabled man behind the counter gave off no hint of the warmth or charm that the owner possessed. Poor impression. Also, the Fiaker Gulasch tip given below is no longer valid. No big loss, actually, because it’s not like the food is fantastic.

J. visited Wiener Kaffeehaus, one of his favourite coffee haunts, with Co.

The main course menu, which is separate from the drinks & dessert menu:

Wiener Kaffeehaus Menu

Arriving there at about 5.15pm, the two proceeded to order coffee. Well, J., his mind intoxicated by the potent aroma of coffee brewed from freshly roasted coffee beans, proceeded to attack his coffee like a man possessed. Here is what transpired.


Empty Cup of Cappucino
Cappucino ($3.80). Well, J.’s “Cappucino”.
The nice thing about Wiener Kaffeehaus is that their coffees come in the traditional Viennese style, on a platter, cubes of sugar on the side and a small glass of water to cleanse the palate. J. felt that the cappucino was good enough to drink on its own (hence the three remaining cubes of sugar), but Co prefers her coffee much sweeter.

Chocolate Fudge Flavoured Coffee Latte
Chocolate Fudge Flavoured Coffee Latte ($5.20).
While the unknowing passerby might think that J., in a mindless coffee rampage, attacked Co’s coffee, the truth of the matter was that J. forgot to take pictures prior to finishing his coffee. And Co just took longer with her drink.

It was pleasant enough, and sweet to boot. While the coffee was good, there really wasn’t that much of a chocolate-y taste to it. Still, good coffee.

Sachertorte ($4.80)
Described as the best known of the Viennese gateau, this chocolate gateau has apricot jam inside.

This small piece was manifestly disappointing, made worse by the hype surrounding it. Despite being a signature dish of Wiener Kaffeehaus, it tasted like normal chocolate cake. Were there almonds as described? J’s unsure. Apricot jam? J. can’t taste it. It’s over-rated.

Anyway, dinnertime crept up on the two unsuspecting coffee connoiseurs.

Fiaker Gulasch
Fiaker Gulasch ($16.50)
J’s choice was this beef stew served with a poached egg, a frankfurter and a… source of carbohydrates. Is it a strangely-mashed potato? Is it a bread dumpling? It mattered not, for it was good nonetheless.

However, J. initially wanted to order the Wiener Saft Gulasch ($9.50), which would be beef stew with carbohydrate source, minus the egg and frankfurter. The frankfurter was a sausage, the egg was an egg. Neither was spectacular, and definitely not worth the extra $7.00. While the beef stew was tasty, the thought of having being convinced by the waiter to fork out the extra cash had a mild detrimental effect. Go for the cheaper option. You won’t miss much.

Zwiebel Rostbraten
Zwiebel Rost Braten ($17.80)
Co’s choice was this thinly-sliced striploin topped with fried onions, served with potato wedges and salad. This was quite palatable The fried onions were a nice touch. It was well flavoured and not too dry. The wedges were large and enjoyable to bite into. J. did not try the salad.

Overall, J. liked the place. The owner walked about and greeted the customers. Nobody hurried the customers who could sit as long as they wanted. The place was fairly quiet. The coffee roaster looked impressive. The staff were polite and helpful. Though he might stay away from a few items on the menu, J. would go back to the place.

After all, great coffee is hard to find in Singapore.

Wiener Kaffeehaus
148 Neil Road
Singapore 088877
Tel: 65 6226 3148
Fax: 65 6223 5516


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  1. This is turning into a food blog! ;)


  2. Food has to be appreciated… Hungry hungry medical students, yes?


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